Art Installations & Artists Coming to Heatwave Music Festival 2023

Heatwave Music Festival announces the visual artists and art installations making their mark on this year’s festival.

Alec Monopoly, Bird Milk, Don Mega, JC Rivera, Jeff Pak, KillaBunz, Kozmo, MATR, & Penny Pinch will be live painting at the festival across both June 10th & 11th of Heatwave. As well as featured painting on installations by Wolfdog and a mural installation by Elloo Elloo.

Beyond the whirlwind talent of visual artists coming through, the grounds of Heatwave will be fully transformed into an artistic, summer paradise with a series of installations.

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck
61ft, The world is her bathtub. An inspiration to enjoy the world’s waterfronts and conserve our natural resources. “Momma Duck” is a six-story inflatable duck with her baby duckling in tow, named “Timmy”. Craig Samborski, the creator of the World’s Largest Rubber Duck – “It brings joy to people, when you look at something that is so whimsical, and totally exaggerated with its size,” said Samborski. “A rubber duck is one of the few global icons that everybody can identify.”

Evanescent by Atelier Sisu

Walking through these spectacular bubbles takes you back to childhood memories of watching bubbles fly through the Chicago sky.

Phoenicopterus Rex by Looking Up Art
This dinosaur-sized flamingo will bring smiles and wonder as you see it. Surrounded by local aerosol artists and also painted by Atlanta-based artist Wolfdog.

PDA Woodwork’s Interactive Kinetic Wheel Sculptures

Meditative Art…Simple, yet Complex No Motors, No Gears, No Pulleys or Strings. These sculptures are designed to engage the viewer/user. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. Spin slowly from the center. The wheels are unpredictable, and will turn back and forth. Creating an array of magical shapes, patterns, and illusions..Simple, yet complex, this sculpture is meditative in nature, designed to captivate and mesmerize the viewer. Our goal is to provide an interactive artistic experience. We strive to create something unique, engaging, and inspiring. In a world where there is so much art to “look at,” We want to create something you can touch and interact with, art that you can be a part of. These installations are hands on for all ages to touch and spin at their leisure. Art doesn’t always need some “deep meaning.” We are here to make fun, beautiful art.

Liquid PXL’s Electric Dandelions

The Electric Dandelions are giant steel and acrylic sculptures that represent a dandelion flower during the day and come to life at night as an endless firework display. The 28 ft tall dandelion sculptures have a beautiful and elegant design to them. Their spherical shape is attributed to the geodesic sphere that lies at the heart of the Dandelion. Forty one light tubes crop out from the vertices. At Night, the geometric dandelion sculptures come to life at night as the LED animations take hold and mesmerize you with their bright and intense endless firework display.

Alec Monopoly x Sofi Tukker’s Body

A bright & impactful art collaboration from Alec Monopoly & Sofi Tukker in celebration of their upcoming single, “Body”.

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